Generosity of Others

I am lucky in that I have a built-in network of parents through my work at the school. I have been there talking to kids about books for going on my 11th year (have been involved there for 16 years). It is through this network that I received these fantastic donations. This does not include all of them, but I wanted to give a sampling and a HUGE thank you to these parents.

Things have changed since I started doing this so many years ago. What I read has changed. How I read has changed. The world has changed what they want to read. The call for more diverse books has been going strong for quite a few years now, and even though there is progress, there is still so much more to do. Diverse isn’t just about the color of one’s skin. It is about where they come from, their culture, their gender, their abilities. I am working very had to have a selection of books that have different points of view, authors of color, people who push boundaries. All of this is to say that sometimes an open mind is required when a kid picks out a book. They are sponges and want more and more information. I have not personally read every single book that the mobile carries, nor will I ever be able to. Content of books may make some people uncomfortable, or may challenge family beliefs. I encourage parents to read the back of the book, or read the first page or thumb through it. The mobile will not be able to make 100% of the people 100% happy 100% percent of the time. I just want kids to have books but ultimately it is up to the parents to determine if the book is appropriate for their child and family.

I hope that you and your child(ren) will find something exciting in these pictures, but this is just a small sample of what’s available. Does your family need some books? Do you know of a child who needs books? Send me an email and let’s get together!


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