Somethings unexpected

I was able to make a connection to a mom out in Beaverton (if you aren’t in OR, it is about 30 min outside of Portland) through a FB group I’m in (Portland Vegans…not even a book group). I took to the bookmobile for a short drive and we were able to pick out books for her “voracious 5 year old reader”. I hope to visit again, because after all there, kids everywhere need books. That was unexpected thing number 1.

Unexpected thing number 2….having a friend, a 17 year friend (?????? not a 17 year old friend as my kid seemed to think), who wants to donate to the bookmobile cause. Out of the goodness of her heart just because she knows me and knows what I’m trying to accomplish. She is always someone you can count on and would give people the shirt off her and her family’s back to help someone in need. So thank you Andrea for the unexpected gift…you are truly one of a kind.

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