Eventually, there will be a van…

“There’s at least 100 books in there” says the boy I have yet to meet.  He walked down to his neighbor’s house, where I was with the book mobile, and stated what I think every morning, “there’s a lot of books in there”.  While to children, it is just a bunch of books, to me it is something so very different.  Well sort of.  Yes there are a lot of books crammed into my car but that isn’t all I see.  I see a world where kids can discover new ideas, visit a favorite character, find a new adventure.  Maybe they will  pass on some knowledge  and not even know it. 

Moving bins in and out of my car certainly doesn’t do anything for anyone’s body but it is what it is right now.  I long for the day when the side slides open, the step stool is down and the sound of  voices and laughter come booming out.  Yes, someday there will be a van but for now I transport these adventures in a bin in my car.

New pictures because new stops!!

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