More kids more books

So it feels really good when I go to visit new kids that I haven’t visited before.  I get so excited to tell them about books, I wonder if I scare them sometimes!  I didn’t like to read as a kid but man I sure wish I had.  In this time of so much uncertainty, at least I can try to provide something that is a little normal.  

Donations are still coming in, even from the unlikeliest of places.  But I’m getting some beautiful books and it is much appreciated.    Business cards are made, business name is registered, now to work on a non-profit status….

1 thought on “More kids more books”

  1. Nanci’s love of books and of children meld nicely in her latest venture. Sharing books with kids she knows and those she first meets brings Nanci such joy — as it does for the recipients of the books! It’s hard to believe that Nanci hasn’t been a voracious reader all her life long. You’ll know what I mean when you meet her. : )

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