Teen Reads YOU might want to read

Dystopian novels were the only teen novels I read for quite a while but then some really amazing books started coming out that deal with subjects that need talking about. Suicide, mental illness, school shootings, sexual abuse, discrimination, so many things that are such taboo topics. Things can’t possibly get better if they are ignored. Will things get better by reading a teen novel about such a subject? I don’t know. What I do know is that authors are at least brave enough to put words to paper and make people feel something. These are a few novels that are touching on some of these subjects that I’m glad I picked up and read:

What happens when you move back home and start high school? For some, it could involve growing pains. But for Skye, it is something completely different because she is returning as “the shooter’s sister”. Her brother was involved as one of the school shooters who changed many student’s lives. How can Skye prove to others that she isn’t her brother, while trying to reconcile her own past with the brother she loved?

Journey struggles to get past her failed suicide attempt. Her parents don’t know how to talk to her, her sisters look at her differently and now she has a therapist and a diagnosis. How will Journey get over the past to move on to her future.
Claire, dropped in California to live with strangers and attend high school, never thought she would be living without her family. But her family remains in Asia and she is forced to live with Dani and her mom, who don’t exactly meet Claire’s expectations. Can Claire learn to adapt to her new surroundings or will the effort that Dani and her mom make be for nothing.

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